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My Projects

Dive into our projects to see how I've transformed user interfaces into engaging, intuitive, and seamless experiences. Whether you're looking for innovative design concepts or practical applications, you'll find examples of my expertise and passion for UX/UI design here. Click on any project to see detailed case studies, design processes, and the outcomes of collaborative creativity.

Word in World

The ultimate mobile and web application for breaking language barriers worldwide. In today’s globalized world, language should not be a barrier to communication, connection, or understanding. Our product will remain anonymous until launch, featuring randomly generated and selectively fictional details to ignite curiosity and excitement.

Stay updated. Release date: Oct 2024.



AutoUTM™ is a UTM tagging automation software for LinkedIn ads. This service automatically tags your ads with a tracking template you choose. AutoUTM™ prevents inconsistent data by enforcing the same UTM across your ad accounts.


Launched in 2006, has grown to become Israel's premier online portal for ordering flowers, gifts, fruit baskets, chocolates, chocolate assortments, balloons, and much more. We've gathered hundreds of stores from all over the nation, conveniently located near your delivery target, to enable our users to shop wisely using the exclusive catalog offered by the "Hashve" portal.


Friendly Gift

The Friendly Gift mobile app is designed to enhance the gift-giving experience by making it easy to organize events, join groups, and collect money for gifts. This app offers a seamless and engaging way to ensure that every celebration is memorable and every gift is perfect. 



The FRID mobile app is an innovative solution designed for a new company of smart refrigerators equipped with cameras and sensors. This project features a user-friendly interface that allows users to manage their grocery inventory efficiently and reduce food waste by transforming traditional refrigerators into smart devices. The app is designed to be fully responsive and provides a seamless experience on all mobile devices. Key features include: 

  • Real-time inventory tracking through integrated cameras and sensors.

  • Quantity tracking of products in the refrigerator.

  • Customizable shopping lists.

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