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WordInWorld web and mobile app

Our product will remain anonymous until launch, featuring randomly generated and selectively fictional details to ignite curiosity and excitement.

Stay updated. Release date: Oct 2024


The ultimate mobile and web application for breaking language barriers worldwide. In today’s globalized world, language should not be a barrier to communication, connection, or understanding. App is at the forefront of bridging linguistic divides, bringing together individuals from different countries and cultures, regardless of the languages they speak.

Key features

Real-Time Language Interpretation: Engage in conversations with people from different linguistic backgrounds with live interpretation.
Cultural Exchange Rooms: Dive into rooms dedicated to cultural exchange, where users can share, learn, and experience the richness of global cultures.
Thematic Discussions: Participate in or host discussions on various themes, including education, technology, travel, and more.
Accessibility Features: the app is designed to be inclusive, offering features that make the platform accessible to users with disabilities, ensuring everyone can connect.


We are more than just an app; we are a community of learners, teachers, travelers, interpreters, and dreamers. It’s a space where language and distance no longer limit the ability to connect, share, and grow. Whether you’re on your smartphone or sitting at your computer, our app brings the world closer, one conversation at a time.

Heart of App

Central to our app is the "Language Learning Partners" feature, which embodies mutual linguistic assistance. It’s a community-driven heart of the app where native speakers volunteer their knowledge to help others learn their language, while also having the opportunity to receive help in a language they wish to learn. This reciprocal approach underpins the app's philosophy, promoting a supportive environment for language practice and cultural connection.

10 languages

Our application is a gateway to the world, offering a multilingual platform that supports 10 languages. It’s crafted for you — the global citizen, the international professional, the lifelong learner. We’re more than just an app; we’re a community that breaks down language barriers, providing a space where diverse individuals can connect, share, and understand each other, no matter where they are or what language they speak. It’s not just technology; it’s a movement towards a more connected, accessible, and unified world.

WordInWorld web and mobile app

Light Mode and Dark Mode

The inclusion of both Dark Mode and Light Mode reflects a user-centric design approach. Users have the flexibility to choose the mode that best fits their preferences, context, and needs, enhancing their overall experience with the application. This choice is available from the settings menu, allowing users to switch modes seamlessly as desired.

WordInWorld web and mobile app
WordInWorld web and mobile app


For Latin-based Languages
Open Sans, was chosen for its versatility and wide acceptance across many Western languages.

For Arabic Language
Noto Sans Arabic is appreciated for its calligraphic beauty that pays homage to the traditional script while ensuring readability in digital formats.

For Asian Languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
IBM Plex Sans, was selected for its comprehensive character
support and aesthetic alignment with traditional and modern styles.

Colors - Light Mode

*The incorporation of six secondary colors into our app's color palette is a testament to our commitment to user-centric design. By leveraging the power of color to categorize and differentiate appointment statuses, we not only enhance the visual appeal of our app but also significantly improve its usability and accessibility. This thoughtful design choice reflects our dedication to creating an intuitive, efficient, and inclusive application that meets the needs of our diverse user community.

Colors - Dark Mode

*By narrowing down to three touch-specific colors, we streamline user interactions, making it easier for users to navigate and engage with the app. This simplification helps in reducing cognitive load, allowing users to quickly identify actionable items and status indicators.


Our app features a rich array of components designed for an intuitive and seamless user experience.

WordInWorld web and mobile app

More than 250 screens for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop version

WordInWorld web and mobile app
WordInWorld web and mobile app

Video call interface of the app, showcasing real-time video, a list of participants with individual controls, and quick-access buttons for call management features.

WordInWorld web and mobile app

The application dashboard centralizes user activities, offering a personal profile summary, a dynamic scheduling interface, service overviews, membership options with current status, balance and bonus details, and visual statistics of service usage, all streamlined for user convenience and efficiency.

The "My Appointments" screen in the app lets users view and manage their appointments, offering filters by status, options for list or calendar views, and detailed information including type, language, date, time, location, and participant details, all with intuitive navigation and quick-access controls.

WordInWorld web and mobile app
WordInWorld web and mobile app
WordInWorld web and mobile app
WordInWorld web and mobile app

These screens are a versatile appointment management interface within the app, providing details for various types of appointments — upcoming, in progress (live), canceled, or completed. It features information on the participants, scheduling, and language services, with functions to join a session or view more details, and countdowns for impending appointments, catering to an organized and efficient experience for managing diverse appointment statuses.

WordInWorld web and mobile app
WordInWorld web and mobile app

Do you have an Interpreter staff? The feature is for managing interpreter payments within the web app, allowing interpreters to set their online hours and activate payment settings. Feature includes search, data sorting, one-click activation, and a referral bonus program, all designed to simplify payment tracking and processing.

WordInWorld web and mobile app
WordInWorld web and mobile app

Administrative functions of the application, specifically for managing interpreter assignments for appointments. The screen seems designed to assist admins in the process of assigning interpreters to appointments by managing responses to invitations and tracking the appointment-matching progress.

WordInWorld web and mobile app
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